• Taltaf


    Application & Production Support &DEV Ops

  • Samrat Sahoo

    Samrat Sahoo

    Technical Product Manager

  • Kisan Tamang

    Kisan Tamang

    Cloud Engineer. Serverless & DevOps Enthusiast. AWS Community Builder. Editor @ towardsaws.com

  • Rob Finneran

    Rob Finneran

  • Francesco Bartoli

    Francesco Bartoli

  • Irfan Raza

    Irfan Raza

    Technology Consultant, Full stack developer, Entrepreneur, Open source contributor

  • Ed Noble

    Ed Noble

    I write about philosophy, psychology and ethics. I’m a data engineer working in London, having previously studied physics. Started writing in lockdown.

  • Shivanirajebhosale


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