What’s up everybody… let’s talk about some serverless stuff today, which is one of my favorite features of AWS. This time we have a relational database on our plate.

When it comes to RDS DB flavors Aurora is the showstopper. This article is for the

Let’s start with some simple examples. You have developed a big desktop application for the finance/ audit department, which needs 32 GB RAM + 50 GB space + GPU as you might have some analytics. Because you are a developer you have a high config system but your users will…

Now organizations are looking for mostly full-stack developers and the expectation varies depending on the years of experience of the candidate. When I say expectation, I mean the technology stack as well as the depth of knowledge in them.

The best way of verifying whether you are up to speed…

As I mentioned in my previous blog, this blog is a cheat sheet for Workspace Application Manager (WAM).


Quick Intro

WAM is another way of managing/maintaining your workspaces and the applications…

This blog is for the developers/architects/managers who:

Well… after 5+ years of full stack development I have came across some experience which I would like to share. This article will help the below group of people :

As we have entered into the time of cloud, nobody uses local storage now these days and I don’t think the next generation will ever know what a pen-derive is. Every second the data in the world is increasing in terms of TB and we have already started talking about…

Soumya Ranjan Sahoo

Full stack Python Developer, Cloud engineer

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