As I mentioned in my previous blog, this blog is a cheat sheet for Workspace Application Manager (WAM).


  1. Existing Workspaces for your users with required configurations
  2. Hands-on experience with EC2 instance creation, AMI, and Security Group

Quick Intro

WAM is another way of managing/maintaining your workspaces and the applications you want your user to use. As an admin, you will be having two EC2 instances through which you can install and deploy the application to your user workspaces.

  1. You can control which user can use which application
  2. You can install the application and remove it from their workspace instance…

This blog is for the developers/architects/managers who:

  1. Wants to understand Amazon workspace and the business problem it can solve. Managers who wants to understand the service from a bigger picture to provide approval.
  2. Wants to quickly learn Amazon Workspace and build a POC for a demo. Developers/ Engineers who are given a desktop application and asked to test it out in Amazon Workspace.
  3. Want to compare Amazon workspace with other desktop services available in cloud like AppStream, Azure Virtual Desktop. Architects who want to compare the pros and cons and cost factor while making a decision.

Business Requirement (for Managers/Approvers)

When you have one…

Well… after 5+ years of full stack development I have came across some experience which I would like to share. This article will help the below group of people :

  1. If you are a fresher and wondering, what is full stack, how to and where to start, how to bla bla bla ...
  2. You are a backend developer who is always writing algorithms but client only remembers the cool dashboard shown using your data and never realize how much of code optimization you have done. …

As we have entered into the time of cloud, nobody uses local storage now these days and I don’t think the next generation will ever know what a pen-derive is. Every second the data in the world is increasing in terms of TB and we have already started talking about data of size Petabyte(PB). Hence managing big amount of data is a minimum requirement for a programming language at this time.

Well in my 5 years of full stack development I have worked with PHP, JavaScript, Python,SQL and I think every language targets a particular problem and they have their…

Soumya Ranjan Sahoo

Full stack Python Developer, Cloud engineer

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